1.  Teaching of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons at Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies 
Odessa was founded over 200 years ago on the Black Sea coast and is one of the most beautiful cities of the Black Sea coast, maritime and continental hub, and tourist and commercial center of Ukraine. Since the very day of Odessa’s founding at the end of XVIII century, best architects of France, Italy, Netherlands and other countries participated in construction of this city. And today our city impresses by its uniqueness, variety of stiles, and scent that reflects tastes and moods of Odessiters, while remaining most unique and known city of Ukraine. 
Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies(further - ONAFT)is one of the oldest higher educational institution of Ukraine, and trains specialists and scientific cadre for industries which are of demand in many countries of the world. These inludes various sectors of food industry, which are currently one of the most important domains in the economy of any country, as well as tourism, hotel and catering business, various areas of information technologies, refrigerating and cryogenic equipment, thermal electrical engineering, alternative and renewable energy sources, oil and gas industry, ecology, marketing etc. 
ONAFT is a higher educational institution of Grade IV, i.e. the highest level of accreditation, and in 2002, for high results in training specialists for Ukraine and many world countries, it was granted the title of National Academy. The Academy now trains specialists in 38 specialty fields at 11 departments. 
ONAFT has been training foreign specialists since 1951. Today, in accordance with the license issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (further – MESU), the Academy enrolls foreign citizens for study at the preparatory section, basic departments with levels of bachelor, specialist, master, as well as to postgraduate study, doctoral study courses, and for practical training on various specialties. 
Knowledge and skills acquired by foreign citizens during their study at the ONAFT’s preparatory section enable them to successfully continue their study at basic departments of our Academy. 
2.  Procedure of Enrollment of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons to ONAFT 
2.1. This Procedure was adopted by Decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine no.1541 dated 01 November 2013, and identifies the Procedure of enrollment and training (practical training) of foreigners and stateless persons at higher educational institutions of Ukraine, regardless of their form of ownership and subordination. 
2.2. Foreigners are enrolled to ONAFT on the basis of international agreements, state programs of Ukraine, based on the MESU decree according to the procedures stipulated by these agreements and programs, as well as under agreements entered into by and between ONAFT and legal entities or individuals. 
2.3. Foreign citizens may matriculate to ONAFT for full-time or part-time study on the basis of documents of previous education that was obtained not later than 10 days before the date of enrollment to the higher educational institution(except for study at postgraduate study department, doctoral study department, internship).  
2.4. ONAFT enrolls foreign citizens for study via entrepreneurs who have respective agreements with the Academy for services of enrollment of foreigners for the study, which are registered in the Ukrainian State Center of International Education at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
2.5. Foreign citizens admitted to ONAFT for full-time or part-time study shall obtain an invitation for study that is a basis for long-term visa D, and when crossing the state border of Ukraine (entry), they shall confirm their goal of arriving to Ukraine (for study).  
2.6. For obtaining an entry visa a foreigner shall apply to the Embassy (Consulate) of Ukraine in a native country with the invitation, and if there is no Ukrainian embassy (consulate) in his or her country, apply to such in another country that represents interests of Ukraine (see attached list). 
2.7. It is a must to obtain entry visa D in Ukrainian Embassies (Consulates) both for foreign citizens of countries having visa regime with Ukraine and for citizens of the following CIS states – Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Tajikistan, and Republic of Turkmenistan. 
2.8. Citizens from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation and Uzbekistan require only Invitation for Study. 
2.9. When crossing the state border of Ukraine, foreign citizens invited to the Academy shall notify the Ukrainian border guards of the goal of their arrival (study) and produce Invitation for Study at ONAFT. 
2.10. For obtaining the Invitation a foreigner shall provide the following documents: 
-scanned copy of national passport; 
- scanned copy of education document with obtained score (balls) on all subjects, or academic transcript; 
- consent for personal data collection and processing; 
2.11. Persons who know Russian or Ukrainian fill in the consent in Russian, and those who do not know Russian (Ukrainian) fill it in in English (templates of the document in two languages are attached). Completed Consent personally signed by a candidate for study is then scanned and sent by the candidate via email to an entrepreneur.  
2.12. After receipt of the Invitation with Visa D, the candidate notifies the Academy or entrepreneur of time and location of entry to Ukraine. 
2.13. Upon arrival to Ukraine, for admission to the Academy the foreigner submits the following documents to the ONAFT Admission Committee: 
1) Application; 
2) Standard Questionnaire; 
3) Original and copy of the document about previous education; 
4) Original and copy of the document (official transcript) containing information about this citizen’s performance in academic subjects; 
5) Copy of the Birth Certificate; 
6) Medical certificate about health condition and medical certificate about absence of HIV infection, unless otherwise stipulated by the international treaties of Ukraine, certified by official public health institution of the country of origin of foreigners and issued not later than 2 months before departure for study in Ukraine; 
7) Copy of passport of a foreigner or document that identifies stateless person; 
8) valid medical insurance policy (except for foreigners who arrived from countries with which Ukraine signed treaty of charge-free urgent medical); 
9) 6 photographs sized 60x40 mm and 10 photographs sized 35x45 mm printed on matte photopaper; 
10) copy of identity card of expatriate Ukrainian (if any). 
Documents (3-6)listed in paragraph 2.13 shall be certified according to the procedure of the country of their issue, and legalized in the Embassy (Consulate) of Ukraine.  
Documents (3-7) listed in paragraph 2.13 shall be translated to Ukrainian and certified by the Notary. 
2.14. Foreign citizens matriculating to the postgraduate study course shall additionally submit short research paper on selected scientific specialty or officially certified (by job or study location) list of published research papers and inventions. 
2.15. For admission to the doctoral study course, a candidate shall submit subject plan of the doctoral dissertation and copy of diploma about awarding of the respective scientific degree. 
2.16. Precondition for enrollment of a foreign citizen to the Academy for obtaining of respective academic and qualification degree is that the foreign citizen masters the study language at the level sufficient for perception of the study material, what shall be verified by the ONAFT Admission Committee’s conclusion. Foreigners are enrolled to the Academy’s basic departments upon results of the interview. 
2.17. Foreigners for which the ONAFT Admission Committee establishes need for language training before their matriculation to the basic departments shall undergo this training at the preparatory section (PSFC – preparatory section for foreign citizens).Foreigners are taught at PSFC in Ukrainian or Russian (according to students’ wishes) only in the form of full-time study. 
2.18. Enrollment of foreign citizens to the Academy is carried out by the Rector’s Decree.  
2.19. All foreigners admitted to the study obtain standard student’s ID cards. 
2.20. Payment for the study at the Academy (at preparatory section, basic departments, postgraduate study and doctoral study courses, internship) is made on the basis of respective agreements for account of personal funds of foreigners or other not prohibited by Ukrainian laws funding sources, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties. 
2.21. Educational documents of foreign citizens enrolled for the study to ONAFT and issued previously by educational institutions of other states shall be acknowledged in Ukraine in accordance with the laws. PSFC personnel consult foreign students on passing this procedure at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. If there is no confirmation of such document authenticity or if the education degree obtained by a foreign student is incompliant with that specified in such document, the Academy expels such foreigner. 
2.22. The Academy ensures registration of foreign citizens enrolled to the study in Ukraine according to the lawful procedure, along with issuance of temporary residence permits. 
3. Entry of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in Ukraine, Submission of Documents to ONAFT 
3.1. For arrival to Ukraine for study at ONAFT, all classes of applicants (excluding those admitted according to intestate agreements) shall preliminary submit to the Academy (or entrepreneur) documents listed in paragraphs 2.10-2.11for obtaining of the invitation for study. Validity of the Invitation for Study is 6 months. An applicant may not enter Ukraine after expiry of the Invitation for Study. 
3.2. Applicants shall arrive to the Academy not later than within timeframe specified below.  
3.2.1. Foreign citizens matriculating to the preparatory section may arrive to the Academy during the entire year, and for study at the basic departments – within the period from 15 July to 01 November 2015. To enter Ukraine, they shall have entry student’s visa D (for students) and original Invitation (for all foreigners). 
3.2.2. When entering Ukraine at other times, in order to obtain visa in Embassies (Consulates) of Ukraine a person need to provide original Invitation and application of the MESU for provision of visa support. Timeframes for arrival and admission to the Academy may be prolonged upon specific decree of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
3.3.Applicants shall pass their interviews either prior to arrival (in online mode) or immediately after arrival to the Academy. 
3.4. Those who matriculate to full-time and part-time study courses (1-5 academic years) of the Academy shall arrive to ONAFT within the following timeframes: 
- applicants who matriculate to full-time and part-time study course at the Academy on all specialty fields except for Hotel and Catering Business, Tourism, Food Technologies, shall arrive to the Academy in the period from 01 July to 01 Novemberof current year; 
- applicants who matriculate to full-time and part-time study courseon specialty fields Hotel and Catering Business, Tourism, Food Technologies shall arrive to the Academy in the period from 01 to 20 Julyof current year; 
-- interns, postgraduate students and doctoral students are admitted throughout the entire calendar year (timeframes may be changed). 
3.5. Upon arrival those who matriculate on the paid basis shall pass interview, submit all necessary documents, make contract with the Academy and make payment for the study. After that the documents are submitted to the Admission Committee for enrollment to the Academy. 
3.6. Foreign citizens from Ukrainian expat community directed to the study by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine are enrolled to the Academy upon results of matriculation examinations within the period from 20 to 30 July of current year. For this category of foreign citizens personal documents (listed above) and MESU Direction shall be submitted to the Admission Committee by 20 July of current year. 
3.7. All applicants are recommended to preliminary contact Head of the Education Division for Foreign Citizens of ONAFT International Education Center – OLEKSANDR KYRYLOVYCH VOYTENKO – for clarification of arising questions and issue, clarification of documentation submission timeframes, interview, enrollment etc. (see Our Address and Contacts Section). 
4. Study at the Preparatory Section 
Foreign citizens at ONAFT are taught at the preparatory section for foreign citizens of the Academy’s International Education Center (further - AIEC PSFC ) and at the basic departments. 
4.1. AIEC PSFC performs training of foreign citizens within 10 months in accordance with the MESU recommendations in the following specialty fields: 
  • - Mathematics; 
  • - Physics; 
  • - Mechanics; 
  • - Engineering Sciences; 
  • - Medical and Biological Sciences; 
  • - Humanitarian Sciences; 
  • - Economic Sciences; 
  • - Chemistry; 
  • - Psychology; 
  • - Physical Culture and Sports; 
  • - Agricultural Sciences. 
Teaching process is carried out in Ukrainian or Russian, at the wish of students. 
After completing the AIEC PSFC graduates obtain standard certificates and may matriculate to the Academy according to the selected training course (specialty field). 
4.2. Basic study at ONAFT is carried at 11 main departments under a multilevel system. First stage of study at ONAFT departments (Bachelor’s level) anticipates 4 years of study for full-time students and 5 years for part-time students in the followingspecialities: 
№ / Code of  speciality / Title of program subject area 
1.  051 - Economics
2.  071 -  Accounting and taxation  
3.  073 - Management 
4.  074 - Public Administration 
5.  075 - Marketing 
6.  076 - Business, trade and exchange activities 
7.  101 - Environmental studies  
8.  122 - Computer sciences and information technologies 
9.  123 - Computer engineering  
10. 131 - Applied mechanics  
11. 133 - ndustrial machinery engineering  
12. 141 - Electrical energetic, electrical engineering and electromechanics 
13. 142 - Power machinery  
14. 144 - Thermal power engineering 
15. 151 - Automation and computer-integrated technologies  
16. 162 - Biotechnology and bioengineering  
17. 181 - Food technology 
18. 183 - Environmental protective technology  
19. 185 - Oil and gas engineering and technology  
20.  241 - Hotel, restaurant and catering  
21.  242 - Tourism  
4.3. After completing this stage students obtain Bachelor’s diplomas and at their wish may continue study under Specialist’s curriculum (+1 year) or Master’s curriculum (+1 or +1.5 year). 
4.4. Specialist’s and Master’s curricula are implemented at the following departments in the following specialty fields: 
1. Department of Innovative Food Technologies, Hotel, Catering and Tourist Business 
  • - Food Technology; 
  • - Hotel, restaurant and catering; 
  • - Tourism. 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Food Technologies; 
  • - Recreation and Preventive Food Products Technologies; 
  • - Hotel and Catering Business; 
  • - Tourism.
2. Department of Storage and Processing of Grain, Bread Products, Pastry, Feed Stuff and Biofuel 
  • - Food Technology 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Grain Storage and Processing Technology; 
  • - Technologies of Bread, Pastry, Noodle Products, Feed Stuff and Biofuel. 
3. Department of Food Technologies, Perfume and Cosmetics Examination and Commodity Science 
  • - Food Technology; 
  • - Business, trade and exchange activities 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Meet Storage and Processing Technologies; 
  • - Milk Storage and Processing Technologies; 
  • - Water Resource Storage and Processing Technologies; 
  • - Merchandizing and Commercial Business. 
4. Department of Technologies of Wine and Nanobiotechnologies 
  • - Food Technology; 
  • - Biotechnology and Bioengineering 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Technologies of Fermentation Products and Winery; 
  • - Technologies of Storage and Processing of Fruits and Vegetables; 
  • - Technology of Drinking Water and Water Treatment for Food Productions. 
5. Department of The Energy Management, Process Equipment and Design Engineering 
  • - Applied mechanics 
  • - Industrial machinery engineering 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Processing and Food Production Equipment; 
  • - Packaging Machinery and Technologies. 
6. Department of Automation, Mechatronics and Robotics 
  • - Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies; 
  • - Electrical energetic, electrical engineering and electromechanics 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Automated Process Control; 
  • - Electrical Engineering. 
7. Department of Information Technologies and Cyber Security 
  • - Computer sciences and information technologies; 
  • - Computer Engineering. 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Information Control Systems and Technologies; 
  • - Computer Systems and Networks; 
  • - Information Design Technologies; 
  • - Specialized Computer Systems. 
8. Department of Low-Temperature Equipment and Technologies 
  • - Power machinery 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Refrigerating Machines and Plants; 
  • - Cryogenic Machinery and Technologies; 
  • - Gas Turbine Plants and Compressor Stations; 
  • - Compressors, Pneumatic Installations and Vacuum Machinery 
9. Department of Applied Ecology, Energetics and Oil and Gas Technologies   
  • - Electrical energetic, electrical engineering and electromechanics 
  • - Oil and gas engineering and technology 
  • - Environmental studies 
  • - Environmental protective technology 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Non-Traditional (Alternative) and Renewable Energy Sources 
  • - Thermal Engineering and Thermal Physics; 
  • - Gas and Oil Pipelines and Storages; 
  • - Ecology and Environmental Protection. 
10. Department of Economics, Business and Accounting 
  • - Economics 
  • - Accounting and taxation 
  • - Business, trade and exchange activities 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Company Economics: 
  • - Accounting and Audit. 
11. Department of Management, Marketing and Logistics 
  • - Marketing; 
  • - Management 
  • - Public Administration 
Bachelor-level programs: 
  • - Marketing;
  • - Corporate Management. 
5. Study Terms 
5.1. The following study terms are established for students of preparatory section, regular students, interns, postgraduate students and doctoral students of the Academy: 
-  for students of the Preparatory Section for Foreign Citizens – 10 months (only full-time study); 
For students of full-time curriculum:  
- Bachelor’s course – 4 years; 
- Specialist’s course – 5 years; 
- Master’s course– 5 years (for certain specialty fields – 5.5 years); 
For part-time students: 
- Bachelor’s course – 5years; 
- Specialist’s course – 6years; 
- Master’s course–6years (for certain specialty fields – 6.5 years); 
For interns – 1 year (only full-time study); 
For full-time postgraduate and doctoral students – 3 years. 
5.2. During the study students are entitled for vacations in accordance to the study schedule, as well as days-off and holidays during religious and national holidays. 
5.3. Upon completing the study graduates obtain diplomas (certificates) of a form established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 
6. Cost of Study (Training, Internship)  
For Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons at ONAFT 
6.1. Cost of study of foreign citizens at ONAFT for 2015-2016 academic year is 
- for students of the Preparatory Section for Foreign Citizens–USD 1250per study course; 
- for full-time students – USD 175—2300 per year depending on the selected specialty field; 
- for part-time students – USD 875-1150 per year depending on the selected specialty field(only for citizens of non-visa states); 
- for interns –USD 400per month; 
- for full-time postgraduate students – USD 3600 per year; 
- for doctoral students – per individual study agreement. 
Payment shall be made in the national currency of Ukraine per exchange rate established by the Academy. 
7. Accommodation of Foreign Citizens and Stateless Persons in ONAFT Dormitories 
Foreign citizens are provided with accommodation in the Academy’s student dormitories for the entire period of study. There are nicely equipment 2 and 3-bed rooms with separate water closet. In 2015-2016 academic year cost of accommodation is UAH 250 (USD 23). 
8. Our Address and Contacts: 
Our postal address: 112 Kanatna Street, Odessa-39, 65039, Ukraine 
E-mail:depforei@onaft.edu.ua; vak-akadem@rambler.ru;  wrtav@rambler.ru 
Vice Rector for International Relations 
Dr. Eng., Prof. MARDAR Marina
Office А-109 
Phone: +38(048)712-42-85 
Fax: +38(048)722-01-27 
Director of the International Education Center 
Cand. Philos., TODOROVA Svitlana
Office А-338 
Office phone +38048722-24-79. 
Senior Inspector of the International Education Center’s Preparatory Section for Foreign Citizens 
PONOMARYOV Oleg Volodymyrovych 
Office 317a, 9/11 Tinysta Street, Odessa 
Office phone:+38?0482 68-30-84. 
Senior Inspectors of the International Education Center’s Preparatory Section for Foreign Citizens: 
MAKSYMCHUK Alla Grygorivna 
KASIYANENKO Galyna Mykhaylivna 
Phone: +38048712-40-39. 
Curriculum Developer of the International Education Center’s Preparatory Section for Foreign Citizens 
POMAZANOVA Olena Fedorivna 
Office А-109 
Office phone:+38048722-01-27; +38048712-42-85.